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Can the abortion pill be reversed?

The simple answer is yes! If done in time.

There is an effective process called abortion pill reversal* that can reverse the effects of the abortion pill and allow you to continue your pregnancy, but time is of the essence.

The abortion pill is the common name for a chemical abortion process that combines two medications. It is also referred to as medical abortion, self-managed abortion, or DIY abortion. After taking the first pill, some women regret their choice and want to reverse it. That's where abortion pill reversal comes in. 

Using the natural hormone progesterone, medical professionals have been able to save 64-68% of pregnancies through abortion pill reversal.


How do I start the abortion pill reversal process?

  • Call our hotline (877) 558-0333 or connect with us via the chat feature at the bottom of your screen.
  • Our on-call Healthcare Professional will ask you some basic questions to see if a reversal is possible.
  • The Healthcare Professional will then connect you with a doctor or medical provider in your area to start treatment if that is your choice.

We know that an unplanned pregnancy can be scary and many women make decisions to abort when they are terrified and stressed. However, we know that many women change their minds about their abortions.

If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and regret it, you are not alone. We can help you! Contact us and we'll help you every step of the way. 

For more information about the reversal process, click here.

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