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Before taking the abortion pill, it is important to ask the right questions. 
This is a big decision, and you deserve to have all the information.


What is the abortion pill?

The abortion pill—also referred to as medical abortion, chemical abortion, or self-managed abortion—is usually used to reference the two-pill process that includes medications taken to terminate the pregnancy of a developing baby within the first 10 weeks. It is NOT the morning-after pill. 

The first pill is prescribed within the first seven to ten weeks of pregnancy and given at the office visit to block the effects of progesterone. Progesterone is an essential hormone which women naturally produce that provides vital nutrients needed for the developing baby to thrive. Without progesterone, pregnancies will fail. The second drug is taken at home 6-48 hours later and causes cramping and bleeding in order to empty the uterus and expel the baby. 

Over half of American abortions occur via the abortion pill. As these numbers continue to rise, we believe no woman should feel forced to finish a chemical abortion she regrets starting.

Are you having doubts after starting a chemical abortion?

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The Abortion Pill Process


Physical Exam

Not all women are eligible for a chemical abortion. To determine eligibility, a doctor will give a woman considering chemical abortion a physical exam.


The 1st Pill

If eligible, she will be given a pill to take during her office visit.


The 2nd Pill

Before leaving the office, the woman will be given the second pill to take at home (orally or vaginally) 6–48 hours after taking the first.

This pill causes contractions to expel the remains of the baby. This process may take a few hours or as long as a few days.


Follow Up

The woman will need to be examined by her doctor two weeks later to ensure the abortion was complete and to check for complications.

The chemical abortion procedure is unsuccessful approximately 5-10% of the time with the potential of requiring an additional surgical abortion procedure to complete the termination.

All women considering the abortion pill deserve to know
about the side effects and risks of the abortion pill.


What are the side effects
of the abortion pill?

The abortion pill includes very strong drugs, and with each, you may experience side effects after taking them. Side effects vary from person to person and no two women’s experiences are alike.

Here is a list of potential side effects you may experience after taking the abortion pill.

If you regret your decision after taking the first abortion pill, you can still save your pregnancy, but time is of the essence!

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