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July 20th 2015

It is now six months after my abortion. I am lost. I am suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome, a condition which is rarely recognized within the UK and having also split from the man I was in love with I have little to understand about life and why I am so tormented by death and destruction.

I plead forgiveness to my dead child daily; I pray to see her one day. I state she for I am sure it was a little girl, another daughter. My own daughter speaks of her sister who is not here; she had however no knowledge of what had happened. I miss him, I miss my child and I wish I had never had an abortion. I should have listened to my heart as I had always been taught, this very first time I didn't and I will regret it until my dying day.

I am now within the process of setting up a support group for women for post abortion help and to allow women to stop suffering in silence. I want the mental illness of Post Abortion Syndrome known and to be recognized so specific mental care can be given to women. 

—from Silent No More Awareness website (view testimony)

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