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July 20th 2015

On January 26, I took the second set. Hours later the cramping began. I took one pain pill. They gave me a total of eight. I have been given more for a toothache. I had nausea, diarrhea, and the stomach pain really unnerved me. Then I bled. At first it was a small amount. I felt more cramping. I was thinking, "This feels like labor. They did not mention this!" I had two sons and I knew labor pains. My uterus was contracting. I began to notice clumps that seemed to get bigger. I could feel them come out of me. This is no period! I was in the bathroom alone watching this happen; the blood coming out began to look like red ribbons.

The next day I was still bleeding quite a bit. I lay in bed looking at the walls. The depression was setting in.

On January 28, we left the hotel. I vividly remember walking with a limp and very weakly. I was not the same anymore.

At my follow-up appointment on February 16, 2011 I told Planned Parenthood that I was still cramping and had some bleeding. They did an ultrasound. It showed remaining tissue left. I thought, “Surely they will do a D and C to make sure I do not become ill from this. They can't just leave bits and pieces in there!” The nurse practitioner gave me two more abortion pills to take at home to expel the remaining tissue. I kept the pills and never took them. I was terrified. I left without scheduling a follow-up appointment. They never gave one to me.

In early March I began to continually feel cramping. I was unable to drive. I found a good urgent care center and talked to a real doctor. He said I was still showing positive signs for pregnancy, after almost two months. He gave me shots, called the hospital for an ultrasound, sent me directly there, and it was confirmed. Yes, there was tissue left. It never came out. 

—from Silent No More Awareness website (view testimony)

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