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From Wisdom to Convention

September 27th 2017

Each month, there are more and more success stories about the Abortion Pill Reversal procedure. “The abortion pill is a medication called Mifepristone and is given to decrease or block progesterone from the woman’s body. Progesterone is a natural hormone made and released by the female ovaries which is essential for pregnancy,” said Kathryn Sparacino, RN, the Clinic Operations Manager at Real Options. "The reversal process is actually giving back progesterone to the body of the woman for sustaining a viable pregnancy.”

Whenever we, as a community, strive for improvement the progress can sometimes seem to happen very slowly.  When a new and better idea is born it can take years for it to mature to the point it becomes widely accepted in our society.  As more and more people become exposed to a new procedure and see successes for themselves the idea becomes common enough to be called conventional wisdom.

The more people hear about the repeated successes of the Abortion Pill Reversal procedure the more accepted it becomes.  So it is important for the women and men who work at pregnancy resource centers to learn about the abortion pill reversal procedure to have it in their box of tools to share with patients needing this service.

“It’s safe and effective and more women should know about it,” said Dr. George Delgado, who was one of the first physicians to implement the abortion pill reversal procedure.

“You are on the front lines,” Delgado reminded the people who work at pregnancy resource centers. “These women are going to come to you because you are the ones who reach out to them to give them help, so you should be ready to take care of them. The way to take care of them is to know about Abortion Pill Reversal. Medical abortion is becoming more commonplace. About 40% of all abortions in the United States are medical abortions and we have demonstrated there are some of these women who do change their minds.  They are going to go somewhere or call someone. They trust the people at the pregnancy medical clinics and the pregnancy resource centers. So these centers should be there for them, should be ready for them, and should be doing outreach to them too. To become an outlet for them—letting them know—should you change your mind we are here for you.”

“This has been a form of fertility treatment for many, many years,” said Sparacino. “Success to us is when they have delivered their child and are successful parents.”

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