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The Abortion Pill Reversal Procedure is Real

August 16th 2017

It is a big idea that grew from a single request.  In 2006, Dr. Matthew Harrison, a physician in North Carolina, had a woman come to him wanting to reverse the effects of taking the abortion pill (Mifepristone).  Dr. Harrison helped her by giving her Progesterone and it was successful. 

Three years later Dr. George Delgado received a call from a sidewalk counselor in Bakersfield, California who was talking on her cell phone to a woman in El Paso, Texas who had taken the abortion pill and wanted it reversed. “I had read a lot about Mifepristone and knew how it worked,” said Dr. Delgado. “I also had a great amount of experience with Progesterone and so I put two and two together and I was thinking well, if I give supplemental Progesterone, maybe I could out-compete the Mifepristone at the receptor sight and could help this woman.”

Dr. Delgado called a physician in El Paso and shared his idea about the reversal protocol. She treated that woman with Progesterone and the baby survived.  “News about the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol gradually grew as more and more people heard about it and began calling to ask for advice,” said Delgado. “It eventually got to the point where we published an article in a peer review medical literature and we started the website and the hotline.”

As reports of early successes spread some people began calling the Abortion Pill Reversal procedure junk science.  “I would call it new science, not junk science,” said Delgado. “We have three pillars of evidence supporting this. One is it makes biologic sense because we know when you have two molecules compete for a receptor, if you increase the concentration of one it will win out. Two is an animal study in Japan on rats that demonstrated the effects of Mifepristone are reversed by Progesterone. Third is our large experience and case series of three hundred births worldwide.”

How it Works

“The abortion pill itself is Mifepristone and the way it works is by blocking Progesterone receptors,” said Delgado.  “Progesterone is essential to the health of the pregnancy. Without Progesterone a woman, in a natural situation would have a miscarriage.  So by blocking Progesterone receptors, it is as if Progesterone wasn’t around so women have an abortion.  The rational behind the treatment is we give supplemental Progesterone, so at the receptor sight the Progesterone molecules out-compete the Mifepristone molecules to get on those receptors and to cause the good effects from Progesterone. And those supplemental levels are kept up until the Mifepristone washes out of the system and then, hopefully the baby has been saved and the woman can go on to have a nice normal pregnancy.”

Success Rate

The Abortion Pill Reversal procedure success rate is about 55%. This means 55% of women who choose reversal continue the pregnancies and deliver their babies while about 45% lose their babies. If a loss occurs, it is usually within the first two weeks of treatment. “In our large series the birth defect rate has been no higher than what the rate is in the general population,” said Delgado. “It is safe and effective and more women should know about it.”

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